Once Upon A Time in Tokyo

I had a dream once. A beautiful dream. I have fallen in love once. At an early age. It was no typical love. Just pure fascination of Nippon, a place I had always dream to visit. And my dream CAME TRUE..last 2004-2005.

Sunday, October 08, 2006



so yeah, after 2 entries, i actually have forgotten one vital part of this magnificent history of my life. silly me..so here it is now...

okay, prolly the most FAQ ppl ask me is this: "ooo wow aishah...so bestlah u get to go there..how in the world did you get selected??" heh, yeah...that would be the question i'd be getting like EVERYTIME i unfolds and shares this history of mine with like ANYBOOODY i know of... rite ppl, before you guys hurt yourself thinking about it, i'll save you the misery..

yeah, i know it can be more baffling to these ppl as i am not like what i would call "the popular chichas" at the faculty..nor was i ever the nerdy ones with soaring CGPA and the fav. pet of all lecturers there...so why me? how me? as the header of this blog reads....LUCK! i was lucky. end of story...ok. not really..jeez, i really should stop belittling myself too much..and start braggin a 'lil.. at least a little. okay, so despite all that, i was, still and will always be a nihongo no enthuthiast...was (and still is) very keen learner on nihongo..and solely for that, i took the nihongo class as my 3rd language requirements..and the rest as they say...is history.

and like they say, when there's passion people will do extraordinary things....i was very much passionate with the language no doubt about that...and so although i did no extraordinary things, i was really the BEST student in the class...and this fact was noted by my sensei, dearest normah sensei. and here is when luck comes into play...so when UiTM for the 1st time held its exchange study abroad program in japan, normah sensei was kind to show me the way and recommended my name for the program..she submitted me name and me score for nihongo..i was shortlisted, and the next thing i knew, i came to interview held by the international relation office of UiTM and was among 10 other gals as eager enough like me to be part of the history.

so for the first time in my dear life, i faced my first ever serious interview and get this, it was handled by a panel of 8 interviewers; 3 from the international office, 2 UiTM 'bigboys', 1 nihonjin, 2 Sime Darby reps....i was 2nd in line for the interview..and i could still vividly remembers like all the other girls was busy rehearsing, busy practising their nihongo! it was scaryyy....and i was the only Mass Communication student....the rest were from Business fac etc. and most of 'em speaks better nihongo than me..yikes! the pressure was on...and i sure was glad i was number 2 to be called in.

was really shacky that time as i am sure most of you folks are during ya first interviews...i couldn't think anything else that moment but to be myself, aswering truthfuly and showing 'em all how much i really want it. until....that nihonjin- prof. kimura, asked me one killin question in JAPANESE.."aishah san, donogurai ninhongo no benkyo shimasu ka" sure i know what this means now..but then, it froze me up! im like...yeah, i know (kinda) what it means except that donogurai shit......and bravely i played it around: "sumimasen sensei, moichido kudasai" ritttte..like that's gonna help me. and when the sensei responded, i aswered blantly: "gomen nasai, shitsumon ga wakarimasen" **phewww** what a relief and continued the interview in english..hehehehhee...

so there...that was it.i thought i was tossed! finished! just becos of the "donogurai" questions i couldn't answer...it haunted me for a week..until......a call came in to my rescue, and i was the 4 shortlisted candidate for the program. and later it was learned that, i am actually the first choice of candidate..i was number one..that was thrilling to know...and just like a pagent, if by any chance i couldn't go, the second candidate will take my place and so on and so forth...so the chaotic week has begun for me that day...i am to received a scholarship from Sime Darby worth RM 40k (well actually that was the plan) until....UiTM "magically" decided that they will send out two candidates and wanted to split the money into 2...forcing those who will go to have their own money ready for the studying expenses.

knowing this, i shivered. by then, i thought...well there goes my dream.. since the money have to divided into 2, which means i have to find another RM 20k to cover my expenses there...i can never do that. and the international office only gave me less than 2 weeks to give in my decisions; whether to go or withdraw from the program. i was devastated. but, indeed this was written for me by Allah, it was later confirmed that the troubling expenses of accomodation was kindly sponsored by japanese university which cost RM 10k and the other RM 10k some company was willing to give out its sponsorhip to us. so i was saved...at least i thought i was then....

but chaos was more to come....then, with time running out, and still there was no confirmation as to when we were supposed to go there (this was solely due to the incompetence of the lecturers involved in conducting this program) i juggle between my academia life and risks of failing my current semester (as it was already close to my final exams, and yet there were no fixed date on when i'll be flying off..) it was really confusing for me...the same time i have to prepare myself for japan and to catch up with studies...but with the japan's preparation it was even troubling to bear as every preparation means money and investment: RM 500 for TOEFL test, RM 500 for international passport, RM 200 for MAS flight tax and etc..

but perseverance was intact, and it was because of that i stood by the choice i made and braved through the obstacles...thus, in less than 2 weeks of heavy, choatic preparation; with my ancient friend sufi who's studying in japan at the mo; of which has helped me a lot from the moment i was selected (giving me out useful pointers) i took off at precisely on the eve of malaysia's independence day; witnessed by me familia, geng from UiTM, and ol pal from UIA...all of which was as estatic as i to see me off and be on my own for the 1st time of my 22 years of life.....and the journey has begun then....


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