Once Upon A Time in Tokyo

I had a dream once. A beautiful dream. I have fallen in love once. At an early age. It was no typical love. Just pure fascination of Nippon, a place I had always dream to visit. And my dream CAME TRUE..last 2004-2005.

Monday, September 04, 2006

atarashii no entry


OK. i've decided to start-up this blog entirely dedicated in jotting down memories of my first ever experience in the land of the rising sun. I would try to document everything and anything I could regarding my happiest 7 magical months in japan. Although i know i should have started this blog long before this, but i believe in the terms; "it's never too late for anything". Thus before all of those wonderful memories i had starts to disappear from my memory cells, I reckon it needs to be documented in some way and I've chosen bloggin as a way.


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